Lori Fayer

I would like to share my experience with Michael Sebastian as my realtor. He made the entire experience easy. Starting with setting a price for the house, getting a decorator/stager in to advise me on paint colors and what furniture to leave in and remove from the house for the most appealing showing. He also brought in a HVAC specialist to check my furnace after another company that I brought in for routine service gave me an outrageous estimate for repair. He made everything seamless as I was transitioning to a house in another state and was doing a lot of the paperwork from afar. He arranged for someone to come in and clean the house the day before escrow closed because I did not want to turn a dirty house over to the new owner.
In short, he made what could have been a difficult process easy and I would not hesitate to recommend him to my closest friends and relatives.

— Lori Fayer